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Creative Ways to Use Your AC Less

Looking for ways to cut your AC costs down? Use your creative side to keep your electric bill under control. Here are five interesting links from around the web that can help you use your air conditioner less and save.

1. Redo or freshen up your landscaping. Add leafy plants to shade your windows and air conditioner.

2. Try a new furniture arrangement. Keeping clear of air vents will maximize airflow and lower your energy bills.

3. How you utilize shades, drapes and interior redecorating can minimize your energy bills. Adding insulated drapes or shades will help keep the heat out.

4. Keep the hot drafts out of your home with a homemade draft blocker. Even better, it works on both windows and doors.

5. Learn to cook without an oven. Using the oven only adds to your home’s heat. Learning ways to cook without heating up the oven will help keep the inside cool.

Learn More Ways to Save With Sea Coast Air Conditioning

Looking for more ways to cut cooling costs? At Sea Coast Air Conditioning, we offer a variety of products and services that cool your home without putting a dent in your wallet. Give us a call today to learn more.

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