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8 Facts You Never Knew About Air Conditioning

Air conditioning seems like a formality these days. We simply expect our air conditioning unit to do the job it’s designed to do during those summer months. But have you ever wondered how this great invention became what it is today? Here are some interesting facts you never knew about air conditioning.

1. Mechanical engineer Willis Carrier is credited with manufacturing the first air conditioner for a New York publishing house in 1902.

2. While Herbert Hoover was the first president in an air-conditioned White House, home units were not installed until after World War II.

3. In response to the heat, politicians took summer vacations.

4. Home builders constructed floor plans accordingly.

5. Movie theaters became safe havens during summer, even advertising air conditioning on movie posters.

6. Look at the reaction to this newfangled innovation!

7. Thanks to AC, we even walked on the moon!

8. Modern evolution of AC is found in a CRAC (computer room air conditioning) unit, which is designed for data centers to ensure the smooth operation of computers.

Now that you know the importance of air conditioning throughout history, think of how necessary it is today. Sea Coast Air Conditioning provides professional services at exceptional rates for your home comfort. Are you interested? Contact us today or schedule an appointment online.

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