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How to Coexist with a House Full of Extended Family Members

Your home is meant to serve as an oasis, a cozy retreat after a busy day. There you can rest, enjoy a home cooked meal, play a favorite board game or unwind with a movie from the comfort of your couch. Whether you have been in your place for a few months or many years, […]

How to Get Alone Time in a House Full of Guests

Having holiday guests is fun. You’re surrounded by great conversation, you can cook meals and treats that you might not make for your family alone, and the fun activities never seem to stop! There’s just one problem: alone time is in short supply, and for many introverts in particular, that can be a recipe for […]

How to Create Space in a Hectic Holiday Home

As the holidays draw near, it’s super easy to feel stressed to your max. You may have seasonal food to prepare, parties to host in your home, or what may seem like an endless stream of guests dropping in and staying over. However, sometimes it’s best to accept what is ahead and begin planning as […]

7 Creative Ways Port St. Lucie Residents Celebrate the Holidays

Lights are strung, trees are dressed and the time to celebrate is well underway. So, how do residents of Port St. Lucie enjoy the season of giving and cheer? Here are six fun and festive events to help you and your family capture the excitement and magic of the holidays. #1 Winter Wonderland Light Show […]

Simple Ways to Cut Household Costs this Winter

Although winter in Florida isn’t as dramatically cold as in other states, energy costs can still get expensive if you aren’t careful. With just a few simple steps you can easily decrease your energy usage and save some serious cash. Proper Maintenance To run efficiently, your HVAC system should be properly maintained. Routinely check your […]

Five Best Treasure Coast, Fla. Beaches to Visit This Fall

In many parts of the country, beach season occurs only during the summer, but Florida residents can enjoy the sand and the surf all year. This holiday season, start a new tradition and head to the beach to work off a big family meal. There are plenty of great places to spend a day at […]

Top Five Activities to Do in Treasure Coast, Fla. This Fall

While the cold weather experienced by most of the country forces people to seek entertainment indoors, Florida’s warm weather allows for continued outdoor activities throughout the fall and into the winter. Residents along the state’s Treasure Coast have a variety of activities to enjoy at this time of year. Here are the Top Five Fall […]

4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Heating Costs Low This Winter

One of the benefits of living on Florida’s Treasure Coast is the generally moderate temperatures throughout the winter season. However, for those chilly morning and evenings, we make a fast dash to turn on our heat. Take advantage of these easy ways to help keep your heating costs low this winter season. #1 – Don’t […]

5 Ways to Prep Your Home for a Thanksgiving Get Together

Ah…autumn is here. And with it come visions of fall colors, crisp air, pumpkin-spiced coffee, and of course, Thanksgiving Day. Whether you have plans to host the entire clan at your place or have simple family time with good food and football, here are some easy ways to prepare for the day that we reflect […]

4 Tips for Safe Trick-Or-Treating

Halloween is just a day away! As you get your candy bowls ready and put the finishing touches on your child’s costume, it’s also a good time to brush up on trick-or-treating safety. If your little one will be trick-or-treating, here are four tips to ensure they have a fun and safe holiday. 1. Make […]

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air conditioning fort pierce fl