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What Is Refrigerant?

If your home is cool and comfortable, you can thank your refrigerant! Refrigerant is an important component of your air conditioning system, which helps to provide cool and conditioned air throughout your home. While the cooling agent is great at keeping our homes at a controlled temperature, refrigerant can present a potential hazard if you’re not careful. Learn everything you should know about refrigerant, here:

Refrigerant and Your Air Conditioning System

Sometimes referred to as Freon, refrigerant is a cooling agent that is located within the coils of your air conditioning system. In order to cool your home efficiently, the refrigerant goes through a repeated cycle of compression, condensation, expansion and evaporation, known as the refrigeration cycle. While the refrigeration cycle can seem confusing, it ultimately works to move heat from one area of your home and transfers it to another.

Refrigerant Requires a Professional

Although refrigerant helps us keep our cool, the cooling agent needs to be handled by an air conditioning professional due to its hazardous nature. Refrigerant leaks can occur in your home and cause environmental and health dangers, so it is especially important to contact a professional if you suspect there is a leak. These are just some of effects refrigerant can have on the environment and our health.

Environmental – Refrigerant releases chemicals that are toxic to the environment and promote ozone depletion, which can ultimately increase the rate of global warming. Besides that, refrigerant can seep into the soil and become a hazard for plants and animals.

Health – Refrigerant can cause health issues for humans if they are exposed long enough. Refrigerant exposure can cause skin dryness and irritation, or in more serious cases, asphyxiation and shortness of breath.

Call the Professionals at Sea Coast Air Conditioning

Proper levels of refrigerant are an important factor when achieving the desired comfort level in your home, but it’s important to let a professional handle the chemical. At Sea Coast Air Conditioning, our team of trained technicians can check your air conditioning system’s refrigerant levels and ensure there aren’t any leaks.

At Sea Coast Air Conditioning, we want your home to feel its best. To learn more about the services we offer, click here, or contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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