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What Does My AC Warranty Cover?

If you are installing an HVAC system, whether you are making a switch to central air or moving into a new building, you need to thoroughly review the warranty to understand what it covers when things go wrong. After all, you are making a substantial investment in your unit and the warranty helps protect your […]

What Is a Heat Pump?

Although the name is a bit confusing, a heat pump is a type of HVAC system that can provide both heating and cooling to your home. It accomplishes this impressive feat by moving or “pumping” heat from one location to another. During the warm-weather season, the heat pump uses refrigerant to extract heat from your […]

10 Signs You’re From the Sunshine State

If these 10 sentences describe you, then there is no doubt that you were born and raised in the Sunshine State. While Florida is a unique place to live, nearly all of its residents have likely had these moments in common. 1. You’ve been to the Everglades on a class field trip. 2. You can […]

4 Ways to Make Your New House a Home

Once the boxes are unpacked and your address is changed, it’s time to turn your new living space into a home that you love! It doesn’t have to be complicated or cost a fortune to make a welcoming place for you, your family and friends. Here are four simple ways to make a house a […]

Air Conditioning Options for Old Houses

Sure, older homes are charming and full of character, but they come with their fair share of problems too — one of the biggest being cooling and heating the home in an efficient way. Fortunately, living in a home built decades or even centuries ago doesn’t have to limit your ability to remain cool and […]

Do or Don’t: HVAC Warranties

When it comes to the heating and cooling systems in your home, each are essential to creating a comfortable environment throughout the year. The last thing you want to deal with is costly repairs when there is a problem or an extended period when your systems are not properly working. But are extended warranties really […]

3 Tips For Hiring an HVAC Technician

When it comes to protecting your heating and cooling system, you need an HVAC company you can rely on to do quality work at a fair price. But with all of the HVAC companies in business, it can be hard to choose the right company to do the job. If you’re in need of any […]

How Good Home Insulation Saves You Money

Although it’s often overlooked, insulation is a key factor in creating a comfortable indoor climate. If your home experiences excessive heat and high energy bills despite having a functioning air conditioning system, you should have a professional inspect your home to determine if insulation is needed. Still not convinced? Here are three things to know […]

4 Ways to Curb Your Air Conditioning Costs

HVAC systems use a great deal of energy, which is often why they can be so cost prohibitive. Luckily, there are some great options to make your air conditioner affordable to run. Not sure where to start? Here are four ways you can start curbing your air conditioning costs today. 1. Use a Programmable Thermostat […]

8 Facts You Never Knew About Air Conditioning

Air conditioning seems like a formality these days. We simply expect our air conditioning unit to do the job it’s designed to do during those summer months. But have you ever wondered how this great invention became what it is today? Here are some interesting facts you never knew about air conditioning. 1. Mechanical engineer […]

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air conditioning fort pierce fl