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Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring is officially here and it’s time to get started on your spring-cleaning duties! While getting rid of clutter and throwing out what you no longer use will do wonders to your home’s appearance, it’s just as important to clean the one thing you can’t see — the air!

As with any other appliance, your AC unit gets dirty. Kick indoor pollutants and allergens to the curb — alongside those old clothes and that calendar from 2007 — by following these few simple steps.

Clean and Change Your AC Filters

Over time, dust, dirt, pet dander and other pollutants build up in your air conditioning system. To prevent these allergens from polluting the air you breathe, it is important to change or clean your filter monthly. Be sure to start the season off with a spotlessly clean filter!

Have Your Ducts Cleaned

Before the air in your home reaches your lungs, it travels through a system of air ducts, which are usually located in the attic. Over time, dust, dirt and other debris can build up in your system’s air ducts. If enough debris builds up, it can result in a clog, hindering airflow and lowering your system’s efficiency — not to mention decreasing your indoor air quality.

Cleaning your air ducts is a little tougher than cleaning your filter, so professional assistance is recommended for this task. It’s best to have an air conditioning technician clean your ducts at least once a year. Schedule an appointment now to begin spring with dust-free ducts!

Clean the Condenser Unit

This task will require a trip outside. The condenser unit is the outdoor portion of your air conditioning system. As time goes by, leaves and other debris may begin to pile up in and around the condenser. Clean it up by removing any stray materials that find their way onto your condenser unit.

To clean the inside of your condenser unit, remove the grill and side panels to wipe dirt and debris off the fan and coils. Be sure to do so gently and without tugging at wires. Since the inside of your condenser can be damaged without proper care, we recommend calling a technician to handle this task. If you decide to clean the inside of the condenser on your own, make sure the AC unit turned off!

Let Us Do the Cleaning For You!

When you began planning your spring-cleaning routine, you probably didn’t expect your air conditioner to take up so much space on the list. If you need a little help, schedule a maintenance and cleaning visit with Sea Coast Air Conditioning today.

Regular maintenance will not only improve your air quality and your system’s efficiency, but also help prevent the need for pricey repairs in the future. Give us a call!

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