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Protecting Your AC Unit Against Corrosion

When it comes to maintaining our air conditioning systems, many of us don’t think twice about corrosion. But your air conditioning system can be affected by corrosion, resulting in irreparable damage.

Corrosion can occur in your air conditioning unit in several different ways and can cause your system to malfunction if the problem isn’t addressed. Learn how corrosion can form in your air conditioning system, and you can prevent it here.

1. Coolant Leaks

If there is a coolant leak in your AC, it can cause condensation to drip from the coils or pipes that attach to your air conditioner. The leaks can cause corrosion on nearly every metal part of the system, and can even cause mold to grow within your air conditioning unit too. Although mold can be cleaned, mold further promotes corrosion, which can cause holes to form in your system that cannot be repaired. A simple leak may force you to replace a very expensive air conditioning system, so it is important to check for coolant leaks often.

2. Humidity

Water, condensation and the like can build up around or within your air conditioning unit, causing increased levels of humidity. When your air conditioning unit is exposed to high levels of humidity, corrosion can begin to form. Even a tiny amount of humidity can easily have a negative impact on your system, so it’s important to talk to an HVAC professional if your home has high humidity levels.

3. Structural Leaks

Many air conditioning units sit outside or contain components in attics and other hard-to-reach places. Often times, a leak in the ceiling, a water pipe, or another source can damage your air conditioning system without you even realizing it. Leaks that occur in an area where visibility is obstructed can cause corrosion that can often go undetected, leading to damage.

Protect Your Air Conditioning System from Corrosion

Protecting your air conditioning system starts with routine maintenance. During a routine maintenance checkup, your air conditioning system will be thoroughly checked and tuned to ensure it is working as efficiently as possible and there isn’t anything damaging the system. This is an easy and convenient way to prevent corrosion and other issues, and improve your home’s comfort in the process. Want to learn more? Give the professionals at Sea Coast Air Conditioning a call today or schedule an appointment online.

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