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Is My Air Conditioner Safe During Hurricane Season?

Hurricane season is coming to Florida and any smart homeowner is busy preparing their home. The median cost of damages caused by a hurricane that lands on the U.S. Atlantic coast is $1.8 billion! As a homeowner, it’s important you take steps to protect your entire home when a hurricane is on it’s way, and part of that is protecting your air conditioner. Learn how to keep your air conditioner safe when the big storm hits.

Preparing Your Air Conditioner for Storms

There are a few general safety tips that you will want to follow whether or not a hurricane is on its way.

The first is making sure your outdoor condenser unit is securely placed on a concrete slab. Anytime there is flooding or high winds, your unit can be ripped from the ground, or become uneven when the ground underneath it is disturbed.

You should also have your system checked at least once a year by a professional technician for electrical problems. Loose or frayed wires can be a major safety hazard, especially during a storm.

Another way to stay prepared is always having a backup generator. The last thing anyone wants is to be stuck without air conditioning in the middle of summer because the electricity went out. A back up generator makes sure your home is always safe and cool.

When the Storm Is on Its Way

Once a hurricane has been announced, you will want to take steps to make sure your air conditioner is ready. Start by covering your outside condenser unit. You can buy a fitted cover for your system to protect it, however, a tarp tied around with bungee cords can also work.

Before it starts raining or getting windy, you should also clean up your backyard. Any debris, garden tools or children’s toys in your backyard can fly around and harm your air conditioner, or other parts of your home.

When the storm is about to hit, switch off the power to your air conditioner, as power surges can cause electrical fires. To make sure it is completely switched off, turn it off from the circuit breaker.

Take Preventative Action to Keep Your AC Safe

Make sure your air conditioner is ready for the big storm. Call Sea Coast Air Conditioning today. Our experienced technicians will inspect your entire unit and make sure it is safe and secure for high winds and heavy rain. Don’t wait until after the hurricane has hit! Call Sea Coast Air Conditioning today, or schedule your appointment online.


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