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5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioning systems are a big investment, so it’s no surprise that many homeowners opt to repair their ACs rather than replace them. But while repairs can keep your air conditioner functioning, there comes a time when it’s in your best interest to have your air conditioning system replaced. Learn five signs it’s time to replace your air conditioner below.

1. Your Air Conditioning System Is in Constant Need of Repair

Like any valuable appliance for your home, your air conditioning system will require a repair from time to time. But, if your system is in constant need of repair, it’s time to consider investing in a new home comfort system. If a repair ever costs more than half of the price of a new air conditioning system, replacing the system will be your best and most cost-efficient option.

2. Your System Is Always Switching on and off

Short cycling is an issue that causes your air conditioning system to constantly switch on and off. In order to maintain a comfortable temperature, your air conditioning system goes through on and off cycles. However, when there is an underlying issue within your AC, these cycles can be affected, causing your air conditioner to turn on and off rapidly. There are a few factors that can cause short cycling, like a dirty air filter or low refrigerant levels, but short cycling can also be a sign that your AC isn’t the right size for your home. An improperly sized air conditioner will need to be replaced.

3. Your Home Is Always Too Hot or Too Cold, but Never Just Right

Does your home never seem to be the perfect temperature? Dealing with hot spots or cold spots is frustrating. Considering you’re paying for the energy being used, you deserve to get the comfort you want. Unfortunately, hot spots and cold spots are usually indicative of a bigger underlying issue. It’s likely that your AC is in serious need of a tuneup. We suggest scheduling a tuneup or routine maintenance checkup with a professional technician, but if this doesn’t remedy the problem, it’s time to invest in a new air conditioning system.

4. Your Energy Bills Are Sky High

There are few things more frustrating than opening your energy bill and finding an unexpectedly high number. If you’ve noticed an increase in your energy bills lately, or if you always seem to be paying more than your neighbors, your AC may be to blame. Older air conditioning systems aren’t as efficient as newer models, which can lead to increased energy usage and bills. Fortunately, newer air conditioning systems are built with energy efficiency in mind. And while investing in a new AC may seem costly, the money you’ll save on your energy bills will be worth it.

5. Your Air Conditioner is More Than 10 Years Old

If your air conditioner is more than 10 years old, it may be at the end of its life. Although the average AC can last around 15 years, if it hasn’t been properly maintained, this lifespan is seriously shortened. If your AC’s age is creeping up, it’s worth the money to replace the system, rather than spend excess money on costly repairs.

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