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10 Signs You’re From the Sunshine State

If these 10 sentences describe you, then there is no doubt that you were born and raised in the Sunshine State. While Florida is a unique place to live, nearly all of its residents have likely had these moments in common.

1. You’ve been to the Everglades on a class field trip.

2. You can describe the events of Hurricane Andrew vividly, even if it hit before you were born.

3. You thank the sports gods for giving you the Miami Heat to make up for the Marlins and Dolphins, who you continue to cheer for despite embarrassing loss after embarrassing loss.

4. You don’t understand the concept of a rain date. You know the storm will pass if you just wait 15 minutes.

5. The act of building a snowman is foreign to you, but you can build life-sized sand castles.

6. Santa’s Enchanted Forest is an important part of your family Christmas.

7. You lather on sunscreen on an almost daily basis.

8. When you use the phrase “up north,” you mean South Carolina.

9. You feel nothing but hatred for love bugs and understand the connection between the bugs, a car bumper and dryer sheets dipped in soapy water.

10. You don’t actually turn on the heat – you simply turn the air conditioning off when the temperature dips and truly believe you might die if a broken AC isn’t fixed before bed!

Air Conditioning Services in Port St. Lucie

Whether you were born and raised in Florida or just moved here, if you call the Sunshine State home, you need a reliable HVAC company to turn to whenever you’re in need of heating or cooling services.

At Sea Coast Air Conditioning, our team of HVAC professionals has been serving the Treasure Coast area since 1982. Our high-quality products and services are designed to keep you cool and comfortable year round. Give us a call today if you’re in need of air conditioning services, or schedule an appointment online.

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