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3 Ways Poor Indoor Air Quality Could Be Affecting Your Skin

Most of us remember to bring sunscreen when we go to the beach, knowing our skin will be burnt by the end of the day if we don’t. Yet most people either forget or don’t know that our skin can also be harmed indoors. Harmful pollutants from products we buy, chemicals we use, and from poorly maintained air conditioning systems can linger inside our homes, affecting us on the outside (and the inside) of our bodies. Learn three ways poor indoor air quality could be affecting your skin below.

1. These commonly used household chemicals are hazardous to your health, often causing rashes, allergies, redness, dryness, and other skin irritations.

2. While too much sun exposure can easily damage your skin, fresh outdoor air is important for healthy skin. Try finding a balance by opening your windows to let in fresh air, which will also ventilate any harmful chemicals lingering inside your home.

3. Poor ventilation in your home can play a major role in the quality of air you come in contact with on a regular basis. This often creates inadequate air exchange rates and insufficient fresh air amounts you need to feel and look healthy.

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