How to Prep Your Home Before Going on Vacation in 2020

Taking the time to prepare your house before you go on vacation will lower the risk of theft and cut down on your utility bills. Whether you are heading out for just a few days or are preparing for a lengthy trip, take a look at these few tips to prep your home and protect your belongings.

Set the Thermostat

While many families turn off their home’s air conditioning system completely, this could actually result in skyrocketing temperatures and humidity levels that may damage their belongings. Most specialists suggest that homeowners set their thermostat to 85 degrees during a vacation to prevent damaged property while keeping energy bills to a minimum.

Shut Off the Water Main

Unless there are certain appliances in your home that require a flow of water such as a pool pump or swamp cooler, it is a good idea to shut off your entire property’s water supply. This will prevent minor issues such as a cracked valve or leaking faucet from causing huge amounts of damage and unwanted water bills while you are away.

Unplug Appliances

Many homeowners may be experiencing an issue known as “phantom” energy loss without even realizing it. This is the small amount of energy that appliances and other electronics consume even when they are not turned on or being used. With the exception of a few devices throughout a home such as a refrigerator or thermostat, it is important to actually unplug anything that will draw power.

Have a Friend or Family Member Drop By Occasionally

Anyone that is leaving for more than a day or two should always try to get a friend, family member, or neighbor to check on the house as often as possible. Having these individuals pick up the newspaper or turn on a few lights occasionally will reduce the risk of a burglary happening or serious damage taking place.

Schedule a Maintenance Checkup With Sea Coast Air Conditioning

After a lengthy trip, it is always a good idea to get your home’s air conditioning system checked to ensure it is in perfect working condition. By scheduling a maintenance checkup with the professionals at Sea Coast Air Conditioning, your system will be inspected, tuned, and ready to provide optimal comfort. Feel free to contact Sea Coast Air Conditioning today to schedule your maintenance service call.

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