7 Facts About Air Conditioning and Energy Savings

Knowledgeable homeowners can save thousands of dollars per year on their energy bills. Energy efficiency is not only great for your wallet, it is also beneficial to the environment. Here are seven facts that you need to know about air conditioning and energy savings.

1. Using a programmable thermostat will save you money on heating costs.

2. Turning appliances off when you are not using them will save you money.

3. Purchasing Energy Star products will save energy because they are more efficient than conventional appliances.

4. Sealing all air leaks in your home will prevent your AC and heater from working too hard.

5. Scheduling regular tuneups for your air conditioner will enhance its efficiency and increase your energy savings.

6. Adding insulation to your home, especially your attic, will trap more heat inside your home and extend the lifetime of your air conditioner.

7. Hiring a top quality AC company to repair your air conditioner immediately in the event of a breakdown will help you save on energy costs in the future.

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