How to Successfully Coexist with a House Full of Extended Family Members

Your home is meant to serve as an oasis, a cozy retreat after a busy day. There you can rest, enjoy a home cooked meal, play a favorite board game or unwind with a movie from the comfort of your couch. Whether you have been in your place for a few months or many years, you have likely developed a special home routine that works well with your preferences and schedule. However, when extended family members enter the scene for a stay in your home, certain adjustments will be a tremendous help in ensuring the atmosphere continues to be welcoming and peaceful.

The Right Mindset

Approach your guests’ time in your home with an optimistic attitude and a level of flexibility. Your routine will need some fine-tuning temporarily. The changes you’ll make are small sacrifices that will pay immediate rewards in the form of quality time and deepened relationships with the ones you love. If you tend to be set in your ways of doing things, see this as an opportunity to grow. You may feel a little stretched but you will find your character developing in the process.

Healthy Structure

As each person settles into their role within your home, a bit of structure can be a tremendous help. For example, you may want to have a conversation about how the meals will be handled. Designate a person or team for each of the various duties, including meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking and clean up. Divide and conquer other chores, such as sweeping and vacuuming, dusting, laundry, watering indoor plants and cleaning the bathrooms. Good communication is priceless.

Family Fun

Share a laugh together or play a lighthearted match of dominoes or tennis. Everyone will benefit from the stress release these and other activities can provide, especially after a hectic week. There is likely a variety of budget-friendly entertainment options just steps away from your home. Enjoy the feeling of being a tourist in your city as you make memories with family members.

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