Heat Pumps? What are they and how they work.

Although the name is a bit confusing, a heat pump is a type of HVAC system that can provide both heating and cooling to your home. It accomplishes this impressive feat by moving or “pumping” heat from one location to another. During the warm-weather season, the heat pump uses refrigerant to extract heat from your home and move it outside. In the winter, switching a reversing valve allows the pump to pull in heat from the air outdoors, even if the temperature outside drops to near freezing.

How Heat Pumps Work

Air-source heat pumps typically look no different than traditional air conditioning systems. Most of the system’s components are housed in an outdoor unit. Like a conventional air conditioner, there are coils located indoors that draw heat from the air as the refrigerant inside them evaporates into a gas. What’s different about a heat pump is that there’s a second set of coils in the outdoor unit, too. When in heating mode, the evaporating refrigerant in these coils capture heat from the surrounding air and uses it to warm your home.

Energy-Efficient Heating Alternative

For places with mild winters like Florida’s Treasure Coast, heat pumps offer you a cost-effective option to heating systems like furnaces, boilers and electric heaters. Because they move heat rather than generate it, their energy efficiency ratings are exceptional. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cites heat pumps as the most economical electric heating option for warm-weather climates.

Optimal Cooling Comfort

Heat pumps excel when it comes to keeping you cool and dry during the summer, too. They outshine standard central air conditioners at dehumidifying the surrounding air, and because dry air holds less heat than moist air, you won’t need to run the AC as often. You’ll save money on cooling costs while enjoying a higher level of comfort.

Heat Pumps From Sea Coast Air Conditioning & Heating

Customized comfort is our specialty at Sea Coast Air Conditioning & Heating, which is why we’re proud to offer a variety of heat pumps to suit every need. From economy models to seacoast systems designed to withstand the effects of salt air, contact us today to find your ideal heat pump option.

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