What Does My AC Warranty Cover?

If you are installing an HVAC system, whether you are making a switch to central air or moving into a new building, you need to thoroughly review the warranty to understand what it covers when things go wrong. After all, you are making a substantial investment in your unit and the warranty helps protect your investment. Never assume the system will function perfectly a few months or even a few days after installation. Before you give HVAC professionals the go-ahead with the installation, do your homework. Research your options in systems and the warranty coverage they include.

What Typically Falls Under an HVAC Warranty?

Take a look at manufacturer’s’ warranties and you’ll find that they primarily cover parts. In other words, if a part fails within the warranty period, they will send you the part free-of-charge. However, you will need to install the part and fix the problem, or contract a company to do this for you. In most cases, that warranty extends for a period of five years. In some cases, you may find warranties that will offer you coverage for parts for up to 20 years. You should be wary of long warranties because these can indicate cheap manufacturing. Your main goal should be to find a manufacturer who offers the best product and stands behind that product. The better the unit, the less of a need there will be to fall back on a warranty.

Labor is Not a Part of the Package

Usually manufacturers do not include labor in their warranties because they have no control over the individuals who install your HVAC systems. When you turn to HVAC professionals to perform an installation for you, ask about their labor warranty. In most cases, labor is covered for up to a year. If you want a longer warranty, ask about additional costs. You can also consider a service contract to give you peace of mind. For an annual fee, your HVAC professionals will assist you when it’s time for a maintenance visit or if you have a problem with your system. 

Contact Sea Coast Air Conditioning to Learn More About HVAC Warranties and Systems

When you have a question about installation and HVAC warranties, the team at Sea Coast Air Conditioning is here for you. The HVAC professionals at Sea Coast Air Conditioning are committed to providing you with excellent service. Have your model and serial number ready and contact Sea Coast Air Conditioning by phone or reach out online to find the answers that you need. 

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