How Good Home Insulation Saves You Money

Although it’s often overlooked, insulation is a key factor in creating a comfortable indoor climate. If your home experiences excessive heat and high energy bills despite having a functioning air conditioning system, you should have a professional inspect your home to determine if insulation is needed. Still not convinced? Here are three things to know about insulation that can save you money.

Identify Spaces That Require Insulation

While newly-constructed homes are theoretically insulated better than older homes, some builders cut corners when it comes to adding insulation. Any gaps in insulation coverage equate to holes in your pockets. If you believe this may be the case with your home, a professional has the knowledge, skills and tools to locate areas within your home that need extra insulation. For instance, they check to see if insulation has been installed properly behind interior dry walled surfaces, exterior walls and siding, as well as attic space.

Understand the Types of Insulation Needed

There are at least nine popular types of home insulation products, including batts and rolls, loose fill, rigid foam and foam-in-place insulation. A professional energy auditor will be able to recommend the types of insulation that your home needs based on your geographic climate, space constraints and a host of other factors. For example, an energy professional who is not trying to hawk any particular products could recommend that you install blanket batts, rolls of appropriate thickness and a series of soffit vents in your attic to keep your home cooler during hot summer months.

Have Insulation Professionally Installed

While some insulation products like blanket batts and rolls can be done by yourself, other types of insulation products should be installed by professionals. Professional insulation installers have the proper tools to blow in loose fill and foam-in-place insulation within areas that are hard to fill with other insulation products. They are also trained to eliminate fire safety hazards like placing combustible insulation too near recessed lights. The expert knowledge of professional energy auditors can provide you with long-term time and money savings.

Learn How to Save Money with Sea Coast Air Conditioning

Is your heating and cooling system struggling to keep pace with the outside climate? Additional insulation could help. Call Sea Coast Air Conditioning for a system maintenance check up and insulation advice today, or schedule an appointment online.

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