How to Protect Your HVAC System from Corrosion

Homeowners who live near the ocean may have it made in the shade, but many of them don’t know that living in paradise could be harming their air conditioning system. Corrosion can occur inside an HVAC system, which can result in expensive repairs or replacement. Fortunately, coastal living doesn’t have to hinder your HVAC system—here’s what you can do to protect it.

How Corrosion Harms Your HVAC System

The coils within your air conditioning system are made of aluminum, which can begin to corrode when exposed to salty air over time. Although the aluminum oxide surface is meant to protect your air conditioning unit, when salt comes in contact with it, a dangerous chemical reaction occurs. This can ultimately cause the aluminum to break down and your air conditioner to corrode.

Once the coils become exposed due to lack of aluminum oxide, your air conditioner won’t performance as efficiently as it should. Not only can this decrease your comfort, but it can increase your electricity bills.

Protect Your HVAC System from Corrosion

Fortunately, living near the beach doesn’t have to be damaging to your HVAC system. Here’s what you can do to protect your investment:

– Hose Down Your System: Something as simple as a hosing down your HVAC once every few days can keep salt at bay and protect your system.

– Purchase the Right HVAC System: If you’re looking to invest in a new home comfort system, make sure you consider systems that are built specifically to withstand the elements.

– Apply an Anti-Corrosion Coat: Anti-corrosion coats are available, which can add a protective barrier between your system and the elements.

Stop Corrosion Before It Starts

At Sea Coast Air Conditioning and Heating, we’re aware of the problems corrosion can cause for HVAC system’s coils, which is why we’re ready to help you prevent the damage before it starts. Give us a call today to talk about corrosion-preventing solutions.

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