Prep Your HVAC System for the New Year

The new year brings with it new challenges and new opportunities. Sometimes it can be helpful to look back over this past year to see what you can do differently. Have you been keeping up with your HVAC maintenance? Has your AC had any issues this year? How can you save money and energy next year? As New Year’s Day approaches, consider making HVAC maintenance a resolution. Here are some helpful tips to begin prepping your AC for a fresh new start.

Routine Inspections

Routine maintenance can go a long way for the life of an HVAC system. Periodically check your system to ensure that it is properly functioning and there are no visible issues. This can ensure your system will be reliable and efficient for as many as ten years or more. A reputable heating and cooling company will know what to look for and will be able to perform any repairs that are needed.

Don’t Wait Until the New Year

As the temperatures turn colder, now is the time to have your routine checks and maintenance done. Waiting until the new year could result in you being on a waiting list, or it being too late for a minor repair to be done. You could end up with costly repairs. Not to mention, if something goes wrong and your HVAC malfunctions, you could be sitting in the cold for a day or two, waiting for a repairman to arrive.

Change Your Filter

Each system has a filter that traps a variety of particles like dust, dander, mold spores and more. This filter should be changed approximately every thirty to ninety days, depending on the type of filter you are using. Leaving a clogged filter in your AC can result in overworking the motor or introducing dust particles into the motor of the unit which is dangerous and costly to fix.

Update Your Thermostat

New models of thermostats can help you program your heating and cooling settings to be extremely efficient. It’s also much more convenient to use a preset schedule rather than having to manually make changes throughout the day. Many new systems can automatically be set to certain temperatures while you’re out of the house, saving you tons of money on energy costs.

Contact Sea Coast Air Conditioning and Heating

If it is time for your HVAC system to have routine maintenance performed in order to get ready for the new year, contact Sea Coast Air Conditioning and Heating today to schedule an appointment. Family owned and operated, we have been serving the Treasure Coast area since 1982. Call us or visit us online to schedule your next appointment.

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