The 7 Plants That Improve Indoor Air Quality

One of the easiest ways to boost your indoor air quality is something that can also beautify your home: bring in some potted greenery. While some plants like ficus plants may look good in your home, others are better at controlling carbon dioxide, filtering airborne toxins and replenishing the home’s interior with oxygen. Here are some of the best plants to help you boost your home’s indoor air quality.

1. Aloe Vera: Aloe is one of nature’s greatest plant gifts. The gel in the plant is famed for its curative ability as a natural antibiotic. It’s also a common ingredient in many skincare products. Aloe plants can filter airborne agents like benzene and formaldehyde. Best of all: aloes are easy to grow!

2. Bamboo Palm: This is another attractive plant that requires minimal care and just a few hours of sunlight daily. It also helps filter formaldehyde and purify air.

3. Fern: Ferns are nice, soft plants that add character. Like the aloe, it zaps nasty chemicals that emanate from solvents, polishes, paints, household cleaners and glues like xylene and toluene.

4. Daisy: These brightly-flowered plants grow well outside, and, for that reason, they require a lot of sunlight. Sit one in a pot by the window. Gerber Daisies also filter out benzene and other pollutants.

5. Lily: In contrast with daisies, peace lilies do best below 55 degrees, so don’t place them by windows that get a lot of sun. Heat will crisp the edges of the leaves. Lilies filter all the aforementioned toxins as well as alcohol and ammonia.

6. Orchid: These delicate and elegant specimens require direct sunlight and a little more TLC. They make fantastic corner-pieces and centerpieces. Orchids are great for controlling formaldehyde, acetone and xylene.

7. Spider: Like aloes, spider plants are low maintenance, attractive and hardy. They replenish the interior with oxygen as they nix trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and xylene with ease. The spider plant’s arachnoid appearance also makes a great conversation piece for those unfamiliar with it.

For other information and assistance with boosting your home’s indoor air quality, call Sea Coast Air Conditioning. We offer an array of HVAC services and products that optimize the comfort of your home without cleaning your wallet. Contact us today for an appointment or request one online.

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