Is Poor Indoor Air Quality Making You Sick?

Is your home making you sick? The answer just might be “yes.”

Poor indoor air quality has become a common problem in modern homes, thanks to newer construction methods used to make today’s homes more energy efficient. The methods being used to reduce drafts have produced an unintended result: homes that can’t properly “breathe.”

Signs of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is a serious issue as it can cause a variety of health ailments, including:

-Frequent headaches
-Nagging cough
-Shortness of breath
-Unexplained fatigue
-Worsening allergy symptoms
-Asthma symptoms

Common Causes Of Poor Indoor Air Quality

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), there are several factors that contribute to poor indoor air quality. VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are typically a huge culprit. These include toxic chemical compounds often used in household paint, furnishings and floorings. Other contributing factors include lead, leaks, water damage, and standing water in air conditioning drip pans, which can allow mold, fungi, and bacteria to thrive. Lack of proper ventilation and poor maintenance of HVAC systems can also contribute to poor indoor air quality.

What Can I Do To Improve My Indoor Air Quality?

Most of the issues associated with poor indoor air quality can be addressed and corrected by a professional air conditioning company. Moisture control, good air filtration, proper ventilation and preventive HVAC maintenance can help correct most air quality issues you may have. A simple phone call can put you and your family on the path to breathing easier.

Give Sea Coast Air Conditioning a Call Today and Start Breathing Better

At Sea Coast Air Conditioning, we have over 30 years of professional experience with helping our customers solve their AC and heating issues. We have proudly served Florida’s Treasure Coast since 1982 and are are family-owned and operated. Our highly trained, professional staff will work with you to find the solutions you need.

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