How the Beach Damages Your AC

Living near the beach is a luxury…for the most part. Sure, you get to enjoy those beautiful ocean views, but the beach could actually be damaging your air conditioner. Learn how the beach damages your air conditioning system and what you can do about it, below.

The Culprit: Corrosion

If you live near the beach, corrosion is one of your air conditioner’s biggest enemies. Much like how the ocean corrodes the shoreline over time, the ocean air can corrode various metal surfaces. This means that if you live on or in close proximity to the beach, the constant exposure to salty ocean air could be causing parts of your air conditioner to corrode.

Over time, the salty ocean air can break down the protective oxide layer often found on air conditioners. When this happens, your air conditioner can be worn down to the point of disintegration. If the corrosion gets this bad, your air conditioning system won’t function as efficiently as it could, or in a worse case scenario, it may be completely inoperable.

Protecting Your Air Conditioning from Corrosion

Living on or near the beach doesn’t necessarily mean your air conditioning system is bound to fall victim to corrosion. Fortunately, there are lots of ways you can halt the damaging effects of corrosion and protect your air conditioner, such as:

Invest in the Right Air Conditioning System: Buying a new air conditioning system might not seem like a realistic option for you, but investing in the right air conditioning system could be your best bet. Certain air conditioning systems are built specifically to take a beating from the natural elements, so if you live on or near the ocean, this is a good investment.

Apply an Anti-Corrosion Coat: Applying an anti-corrosion coating to your air conditioning system can help your AC withstand exposure to the ocean air.

Wash and Wipe Down Your Air Conditioner: The easiest and cheapest ways to protect your air conditioner from ocean air corrosion is to wipe down the condenser unit regularly. Fortunately, salt is pretty easy to wash and wipe away. Get into the habit of hosing down your AC regularly, which can slow the process of salt-water corrosion.  

Protect Your Air Conditioning System with Sea Coast Air

If you live on or near the beach, don’t let corrosion hinder your air conditioning system. At Sea Coast Air Conditioning, we want your AC system to last for years to come. If you believe that corrosion is affecting your air conditioning system, give us a call today to discuss all of your options.


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