Why Should I Invest in an AC Warranty?

Because a new air conditioning system can be expensive, you may wonder about protection plans as you prepare for an installation. However, your options may be a bit different from warranties for most household appliances. As you invest in your new air conditioner, the following issues could influence your decisions to commit to an AC warranty.

Understand the Terms of a Manufacturer Warranty

Most HVAC manufacturers offer limited warranties for parts and compressors when a new system is purchased and installed. However, the coverage period may be contingent on your registration of the equipment. For example, you may be expected to register within 90 days for a Carrier air conditioner to receive a 10-year limited warranty on parts. Failure to register on time would reduce the warranty period to five years. With ductless split systems, the warranty period may be shorter, so you need to discuss these facts before deciding on a system.

Labor Warranty Options

Some manufacturers offer labor warranties, too. However, these are optional and sometimes require a higher up-front cost. Because Florida air conditioning demands are significant, this may be a wise investment. However, you will have to balance the costs with the potential benefits as you make your decision.

Including Air Conditioning in a Home Warranty

Some homeowners invest in household protection plans, and air conditioning systems could be included based on the provider’s options. If you intend to obtain a home warranty, the additional cost to protect your air conditioner can be a worthwhile consideration.

Extending the Life of a System with Regular Maintenance

You can expect your new air conditioner to last for approximately 15 years if you are committed to regular system maintenance over the life of your equipment. As manufacturer warranties and any additional labor warranties expire, it is important to continue with system maintenance to maximize the performance and life of your unit.

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