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Window Treatments That Keep Your Home Cool

As much as you love the windows in your home and the beautiful sunlight that pours in through them, windows can contribute to excessive heat, especially during the summer. With the summer months approaching, learn how you can use window treatments to help keep your home cool.

Window Film

Window films are a great window treatment option because they keep the excess heat out, while still allowing light in. The films come in a variety of colors and tints to suit your needs. Some specialty brands even offer glare reduction tints and tints with dual reflective technology for added privacy. Even better, with window film, you get all of these benefits without actually having to alter the appearance of your home.


Curtains are an easy way to add function to your home with a decorative touch. Strategically-placed curtains can significantly reduce the amount of heat gain caused by windows. When purchasing curtains for your home, opt for dark-colored curtains since these are better at blocking heat than light-colored curtains.


Did you know that awnings can drastically reduce the amount of solar heat gain that enters your home? In fact, the Department of Energy estimates that using awnings can reduce the solar heat gain by up to 77 percent. Awnings are retractable which make them a great option for homeowners who still want to let in sunlight from time to time.

“Tune” Your Windows

If alternative window treatments aren’t your thing, you may be able to adjust how you use your current windows. Windows aren’t merely holes in the walls of your home; they’re actually a complex ventilation machine that you can use to your advantage when trying to cool your home. As you probably know, heat rises. So if you have higher windows, take advantage of their placement and open them to allow the warmest air to vent outside.

Keep Cool with Sea Coast Air Conditioning

While these window treatments can help keep your home cool, the best way to keep your home comfortable year round is with a quality air conditioning system. That’s why Sea Coast Air Conditioning works to ensure your AC is always functioning as efficiently as possible. Get your AC in tip top shape by scheduling an appointment with us online, or contact one of our friendly team members to learn more.


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