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Tips for Avoiding Spring Allergies

The weather may be pleasant, but the pollen sure isn’t. Springtime brings us lots of good things: beautiful floral blooms, warm sunny days and ripening fruit trees… But it also brings allergy season. And all of these good things are kind of hard to enjoy in between sneezes and coughs.

Allergy season is tough to beat, but there are things you can do in your home to reduce its effects. Learn how to avoid spring allergies with these simple tips:

Clean Your AC Filters and Ducts

All kinds of allergens can build up in your air conditioning system, so your filters and ducts are especially susceptible. Dirt, dust, pollen, pet dander and other potentially harmful particles accumulate in your AC over time, and when the pile gets too high, they begin circulating back through your air. It is best practice to change your air filter every month and have your ducts cleaned at least once a year. However, these practices become even more important during spring. When you schedule an AC maintenance appointment, a professional technician will clean your entire air conditioning system, answer any of your questions and more!

Get a Dehumidifier

Indoor humidity can be a serious problem, especially in Florida, but having a dehumidifier installed in your AC unit can help. When the air in your home possesses excess moisture, it gives way to mold, bacteria and algae growth, all of which can worsen allergies. A dehumidifier removes moisture from the air by sucking air through one side of the unit, moving it over cold tubes that collect the moisture and pushing dryer air out the other side. When the air in your home is less humid, you’ll breathe easier.

Install a UV Light in Your Air Handler

Ultraviolet lights stop the growth of mold spores by interfering with their reproductive cycles. By having a UV light installed in your air handler, you’ll reduce the occurrence of mold, bacteria, and other pesky organisms that can make your allergies worse. When concealed in your air handler, the use of a UV light is perfectly safe and highly effective.

Beat Allergies this Spring with Sea Coast!

Our team of highly trained air conditioning technicians is here to keep you not only cool, but healthy! Call Sea Coast Air Conditioning today to discover how we can boost your home’s indoor air quality to help you feel healthier and happier this spring.


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