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How to Create Space in a Hectic Holiday Home

As the holidays draw near, it’s super easy to feel stressed to your max. You may have seasonal food to prepare, parties to host in your home, or what may seem like an endless stream of guests dropping in and staying over. However, sometimes it’s best to accept what is ahead and begin planning as much as you can in advance to get through the holiday season with joy and peace. Read our guide of four quick tips for creating extra space in your hectic holiday home:

Tip #1: Consolidate and Re-arrange

The holidays are a great time to start consolidating items in your home and re-arranging furniture. Analyze the stock of your home, and purge what you don’t need. Move around couches and chairs to make your living and seating areas more cozy and efficient for lounging and sipping hot cocoa.

Tip #2: Organize Cupboards and Closets

Take time to organize your cupboards and closets. This is a great way to create more space in your holiday home. As you get rid of items that you no longer need, you’re creating more storage space to get things out of the way that you don’t need during the holiday season. Think of all the small items laying around the house you could store in these hidden spots!

Tip #3: Decorate Up

One super easy way to create space in your holiday home is to decorate upwards instead of outwards. Hang bookshelves along a tall wall and fill with books and decorations. Hang hooks for coats to get items off tables and off your floor. Hang curtains high, close to the ceiling to create the sense of height.

Tip #4: Make Sure Your AC is in Top Shape with Sea Coast Air Conditioning & Heating

As your house fills up with people, the temperature is going to rise and there’s nothing that will make you feel more closed-in than a warm room full of guests. You’ll still need your heat, but you also may need to turn on your AC. Make sure it’s working properly before the guests arrive with Sea Coast Air Conditioning and Heating. Our family-owned business is ready to serve all the families of the Treasure Coast as the holiday season approaches. Call us today or schedule an appointment online.

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