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Treasure Coast Air Conditioning & Heating Tips

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Why Is My House Humid?

Living in Florida, we’re all quite familiar with humid weather. We deal with it almost every day—especially during summer. Amid our constant battle against frizzy hair, clammy palms and sweat, the last thing we need is for the struggle to continue indoors. Our homes should serve as an escape from Florida’s harsh humidity, not as […]

What Is Included in My AC Maintenance Checkup?

Did you know that your air conditioning system needs a maintenance checkup twice per year? Your AC is a big investment, and routine maintenance helps to protect it and keep it functioning efficiently for years to come. Learn what’s included in a quality maintenance checkup from Sea Coast Air Conditioning, here: The Benefits of Routine […]

Why Your AC’s SEER Rating Matters

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, which measures an AC’s unit’s cooling output during a season that requires heavy use, and divides it by the total amount of energy used during that period. A unit with a high SEER rating is able to cool your home without using a lot of energy, while a […]

What is a Condenser Unit?

The condenser unit is an extremely important part of your air conditioning system. Located outdoors, it works in sync with other parts that run through your home to maintain a comfortable temperature inside. While most of us probably don’t put much thought into how our air conditioners work, knowing the ins and outs can be […]

Why Is My Energy Bill so High?

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as opening your energy bill and seeing a sky-high number, especially when you know you haven’t increased your energy usage. If you’re wondering what’s causing your energy bill to skyrocket, it could be your choked-up air conditioning system. Learn how your AC could be upping your energy bill and what […]

Do I Need a Heat Pump for My Florida Home?

We Floridians understand the importance of having a quality air conditioner in our homes, but the same can’t be said when it comes to heat pumps. Although we are lucky to live in a location where the winters are mild, the Sunshine State does experience its share of cold fronts and the occasional below-freezing temperature. […]

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring is officially here and it’s time to get started on your spring-cleaning duties! While getting rid of clutter and throwing out what you no longer use will do wonders to your home’s appearance, it’s just as important to clean the one thing you can’t see — the air! As with any other appliance, your […]

What Is Refrigerant?

If your home is cool and comfortable, you can thank your refrigerant! Refrigerant is an important component of your air conditioning system, which helps to provide cool and conditioned air throughout your home. While the cooling agent is great at keeping our homes at a controlled temperature, refrigerant can present a potential hazard if you’re […]

Get Your Air Conditioning System Ready for Allergy Season

Springtime is here, and while the weather may be beautiful, for allergy sufferers, it can be a miserable time. Fortunately, you can easily allergy-proof your home with a little air conditioning maintenance. Learn how you can get your AC ready for allergy season, here: Clean the Air Vents Cool air travels through a series of […]

What Does SEER Stand For?

Anyone that has gone shopping for an AC system has seen the word “SEER” printed on the energy guide attached to each system. SEER is an acronym for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. When used in conjunction with AC systems, a SEER rating is a unit’s cooling output during a cooling-season, divided by the total electric […]

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air conditioning fort pierce fl