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Why Is My Outdoor Condenser Unit So Loud?

When it comes to our ACs, we want them to be seen and not heard. However, if a loud condenser unit is disrupting your home’s tranquility, it’s not something you should just ignore. In fact, a loud AC can signal some very serious issues with your system. If you’ve been wondered what the loud noise means, it’s probably time you had your AC checked out.

What That Sound Means

Each AC system is different. That means there is no real way to know exactly what has gone wrong with your system until a professional has inspected the unit. However, common AC sounds are generally symptomatic of certain problems. If you hear any of these noises coming for your condenser unit, then you should call an HVAC professional at once.

Hissing: A hissing noise generally indicates a refrigerant leak. Refrigerant is a very harmful chemical that can only be handled by an Environmental Protection Agency certified professional.

Banging: When you shut off your AC and hear a loud bang, it may be a faulty mount. This might be causing the motor to move even after it has been shut off, creating the noise.

Buzzing: If a buzzing noise is coming from the condenser unit, it is most likely an electrical problem with your system. It may be an issue with the circuit breaker, or other electrical components of your AC.

Humming: This noise generally occurs when your system is trying to start but is unable to.

Screeching: If you hear any kind of screeching noise coming from your outdoor condenser unit, shut down your system at once. This is usually caused by extremely dangerous internal pressure. It’s vital that a professional AC technician to service your system at once.

How to Avoid AC Noises

The best way to prevent your AC from making an unexpected sound is with regular, annual maintenance. During your AC’s maintenance, an experienced professional will inspect your entire system. They check for many of the common problems that cause unsettling AC noises.

If you’re looking for the best way to keep your AC quiet, and running efficiently, call Sea Coast Air Conditioning today. Our dedicated team will help to ensure that your system is running at peak performance all year round. Call today or schedule your appointment online to have a Sea Coast Air Conditioning professional service your system!

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