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Why is My AC Frozen?

Ice is a rare sight in Florida; outside of the few below-freezing days we get each year. So, when ice appears on your air conditioner’s outdoor condenser unit in the middle of August, it’s concerning.

Simply put, if your AC is icing up, there’s a problem. But on the bright side, the problem is likely an easy fix. Here are some of the most common reasons an air conditioner becomes an ice block:

Insufficient Airflow: If airflow through your home’s ventilation system is restricted, it could cause the temperature of your AC’s evaporator coil, which absorbs heat, to drop below freezing. Moisture from the air may collect on the coil, causing ice to form. This reduces the system’s overall cooling capacity. Common causes of restricted or insufficient airflow include dirty air filters, clogged or undersized ducts, damaged blower motors and debris build up on the evaporator coil.

Refrigeration Issues: A chemical refrigerant cycles through your AC system, interacting with air to cool it down. If the refrigerant level gets too low or begins to leak, it can cause a pressure drop in the evaporator coil. Without adequate pressure, the moisture in the air may build up on the coil and freeze.

Outdoor Temperature: Running your air conditioner when the temperature outside is below 60 degrees may also cause your system to ice up. Most air conditioners are not designed to function well in lower temperatures. This problem occurs commonly when the AC is needed all day, but temperatures drop unexpectedly overnight.

What To Do When Your AC is Frozen

Ice build-ups are not an issue to be ignored. Continued freezing can cause permanent damage to your air conditioner. Plus, if your AC is frozen, it will not be able to keep your home adequately cool.

When you notice ice on your condenser unit, turn your air conditioner completely off immediately so the ice can defrost. Once the ice melts, check for airflow blockages. The solution may be as simple as replacing your filter. However, if the problem appears to be more serious, don’t wait to call a professional HVAC technician!

Who To Call When Things Get Icy

An AC freeze-up is a serious problem that requires immediate attention. If your air conditioner spontaneously ices up, call Sea Coast Air Conditioning right away! We provide 24/7 emergency services, so day or night, one of our professional technicians will be there promptly to solve the problem and prevent your AC from acquiring severe damage.


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