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What Type of Air Filter Should I Choose For My AC?

When it comes to choosing a filter, the various options can be a little intimidating. It may be tempting to simply stick with whichever type was installed in your air conditioner to begin with. However, with so many different materials, functions and efficiency levels available, how do you know if the filters you’re using are the best fit for you needs? Here’s a guide to help you discover which type of air filter is the best choice for your air conditioner.

Different Types of Air Filters

Fiberglass: Disposable fiberglass filters use thin-spun fiberglass to stop dust particles and other debris from entering your air handler. The biggest perk of fiberglass filters is that they tend to cost only $1 to $2 a piece. The downside, however, is that they are not as effective as most other filter types at keeping your air clean.

Pleated Polyester or Cotton: These filters are made from pleated polyester or cotton paper and are considerably more efficient than their fiberglass counterparts. Pleated filters are able to trap smaller particles than fiberglass filters, making them more effective at keeping your air clean. The average pleated filter costs about $5.

Electrostatic: Electrostatic filters use fibers that self-charge with static electricity to attract and trap particles in the air. These filters have an even higher efficiency level than pleated filters and come in both disposable and reusable options. Disposable filters cost about $10 each, while reusable ones usually run for twice as much. While reusable electrostatic filters do not have to be replaced, they do need to be washed frequently. They also have a slightly lower efficiency level than disposable ones.

High-Efficiency Pleated: These filters are by far the most effective at trapping harmful particles and keeping your air clean. It’s no wonder they’re used in hospitals! While these make a great option for those with severe allergies or respiratory issues, high-efficiency filters are not recommended for everyone, as they can be expensive and might actually restrict airflow because of how well they work.

Want to Improve Your Air Quality and Energy Efficiency?

Even with the right air filter, there’s likely room for improvement in your air conditioner’s overall performance. At Sea Coast Air Conditioning, we offer a number of solutions to provide you with better indoor air quality and greater energy efficiency. Give us a call today to learn more about what the Sea Coast team can do for you!


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