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What Type of Air Filter Is Best for My AC?

Air filters come in a lot of variations. Some are made of cotton while some are made of fiberglass. Some have pleats, others don’t. Certain air filters are mose affordable than others, more efficient than others and more easily customizable than others. Some will run up your energy bills and some will require professional installation.

Like we said, air filters come in come in a lot of variations. Wondering which the best choice for you home? We’ve created a list potential air filtration needs and matched them with the filter choices that are best suited for the job.

What Do You Value Most in an Air Filter?

Locate the traits that are most important to you and discover which air filter fits the bill.

Affordability: Air filters range in price from just a couple of bucks to upwards of $70 or $80. If you’re looking for a cheap filter that will get the job done, the fiberglass filter might be your best bet. These filters are not the most effective or efficient, but when changed out regularly, they’ll do an adequate job of protecting your AC equipment from debris. Plus, you can pick them up for just a few dollars a piece.

Solution: Fiberglass

Energy Efficiency: If it’s energy efficiency you’re looking for, you actually don’t want to choose the most “efficient” type of filter. Air filters are rated by their efficiency at trapping and collecting particles in the air, not their energy use. The most efficient filters are actually so good at trapping particles that they can restrict airflow, which would end up hurting your energy efficiency, not helping it. For those in search of energy efficiency, a pleated or electrostatic filter is your best bet. These filters are more effective than fiberglass filters, but not so strong that they’ll hinder airflow.

Solution: Pleated or electrostatic

Indoor Air Quality: For households with small children, elderly adults, lots of pets or those who have allergies or asthma, good indoor air quality is a top priority. That means you’ll want one of the most efficient filters you can get. A high-efficiency pleated filter will do a great job of filtering even the smallest particles to keep your family healthy. However, because of how thick they are, they may need to be custom-fitted in your AC.

Solution: High-efficiency pleated

Convenience: Most types of filters come in washable and disposable versions. Washable filters are reusable, but require thorough cleaning each time they fill with particles (about every month or so). Plus, you must wait for a washable filter to dry completely before replacing it, to prevent mold growth. If you’re looking to avoid the extra work, you’ll want to go with a disposable filter. That way you can stock up on your filter supply for the year and change them out with ease.

Solution: Disposable

Environmentally Friendly: While disposable filters are convenient, tossing them out every month is not always viewed as the most environmentally friendly method of filtering the air. So if you’re looking to reduce waste, and don’t mind the monthly cleanings, a washable filter is the way to go.

Solution: Washable

Get the Air Filter That Is Right For You!

If you’re still on the fence about which filter is right for your home, the Sea Coast Air Conditioning Team is here to help. Our knowledgeable technicians will be happy to discuss your air filter options with you and can even help when it comes to custom fittings with high-efficiency filters. Just give us a call or schedule service online today!


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