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What Is Included in My AC Maintenance Checkup?

Did you know that your air conditioning system needs a maintenance checkup twice per year? Your AC is a big investment, and routine maintenance helps to protect it and keep it functioning efficiently for years to come. Learn what’s included in a quality maintenance checkup from Sea Coast Air Conditioning, here:

The Benefits of Routine Maintenance

Having routine maintenance performed on your air conditioning system touts numerous advantages for you and your home, but these are some of the greatest perks:

Energy Savings. Routine maintenance ensures that your AC isn’t experiencing any issues that could be hindering its efficiency. The result? You save on energy usage and your monthly bill.

Improved IAQ. IAQ—or “indoor air quality”—is important in maintaining good health. An efficient AC will be able to filter out all of the icky things found in our air, but without routine maintenance, your IAQ can suffer.

Increased Comfort. When you skip a routine maintenance checkup, your home’s comfort could be jeopardized. Without maintenance, underlying issues can hinder your system’s performance, resulting in hot spots, cold spots, and an overall decrease in comfort.

Extended Life. The average air conditioning system lasts about 10 to 15 years, but without routine maintenance, your system’s lifespan can drastically decrease. Routine maintenance ensures that there isn’t any added stress on your AC, meaning it will last longer.

Our Maintenance Checklist

Sea Coast Air Conditioning provides quality maintenance checkups to ensure that your air conditioning system is functioning as efficiently as possible. During a maintenance checkup, these are just some of the things a qualified technician from Sea Coast Air Conditioning will do:

– Check the motor operations and lubricate the motors

– Lubricate the fan bearings

– Inspect the evaporator coils for mold, debris and other hazards

– Inspect and clean the condenser coils

– Monitor the compressor operation

– Test the refrigerant pressure

Call the Professionals at Sea Coast Air Conditioning

At Sea Coast Air Conditioning, we want your air conditioning system to function as efficiently as possible for years to come. This is why we offer quality services, like routine maintenance checkups. To learn more about all of the great services we offer, click here, or contact us today to schedule your maintenance checkup.

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