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What Are Air Ducts?

Air ducts are the structured pathways that air travels through in a home, commercial space or high-rise building. It is the space that heats and cools the air traveling, and works for ventilation. If you are new to a space that has air ducts or are considering having them installed, here are some things that you should learn first.

What is a Ductwork System?

Ductwork is a term used to describe the entire layout of the air duct system. Installing a duct system into a space requires a lot of design. Parts need to be laid out, sized, optimized, detailed and checked. Air ducts can be made out of steel aluminum, fiberglass or other materials. Most ducts are built through walls and ceiling so not to take up too much space. Any parts exposed to outside need to be made from waterproof material, as rain is a guarantee.

Clean Your Air Ducts

Because air ducts are built to be out of the owner’s sight and mind, it’s easy to forget about them until there’s a problem. Air ducts need to be cleaned out from time to time as they collect large amounts of dust inside. While the dust doesn’t cause any damage, it does prevent your HVAC system from running as efficiently as it could. You should have your air ducts cleaned by a professional and reputable AC company. At the very least you should have your duct inspected every one to two years to check for bacterial growth.

Keep Moisture Out

Moisture should not be present in your duct system as mold could develop inside. Water could potentially leak into or from your air duct and cause water damage throughout your home or space. Mold will spread throughout areas of your home affected by the leak. To prevent this, make sure a reputable AC company installs your air duct and that same reputable company is around to help maintain it!

Call an Sea Coast Air Conditioning for Help

If you need help with the air ducts in your home, the technicians at Sea Coast Air Conditioning are here to help. We will clean, adjust or install any part of your air ducts that need work. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!


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