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Is a Mini Split System Right For My Home?

Choosing an air conditioning system for your home is a big decision. With so many makes and models to choose from, selecting the best option for your home can be challenging. While central air conditioning systems tend to be the most popular way to get cooling comfort, mini-split systems are a great choice, too. Learn more about mini-split systems and if this comfort system is the best fit for your home.

What Are Mini-Split Systems?

The anatomy of a mini-split system is similar to that of a central air conditioning system in a few ways. For starters, both systems have a condenser and compressor unit located outside, as well as an indoor air-handling unit. Mini-split systems however, are ductless and can contain one or more indoor air-handling units that are connected to the outdoor unit. This system provides cool and conditioned air, but instead of passing the air through a series of intricate ductwork, the air is delivered to individual rooms or spaces from an indoor unit.

Mini-Split Systems: The Good

There are lots of advantages to mini-split systems, but here of some of the biggest perks:

Size & Flexibility: The size and flexibility of mini-split systems makes them a great option for many homeowners. Besides being relatively compact, the system’s flexible design can fit just about anywhere. This makes the systems a good fit for a variety of rooms and spaces.

Easy Installation: When it comes to central air conditioning systems, the installation process is complex. If the installation doesn’t go well, it can hinder the system’s efficiency. Mini-split systems on the other hand, have no ductwork, which makes them simpler to install.

Zero Ductwork: Because mini-split systems don’t have any ductwork, they avoid the energy losses that often comes along with ductwork. The average central air conditioning system can lose up to 30 percent of energy from the ductwork alone, so opting for a mini-split system can mean more efficient cooling and less money spent on energy bills.

Mini-Split Systems: The Bad

When it comes to mini-split systems, there really is no “bad,” but there are potential factors that some homeowners may consider disadvantages. Mini-split systems tend to be more expensive to install in comparison to other systems, but with lower operating costs, this makes up for any additional upfront costs. Another thing to consider is the appearance of mini-split systems. Unlike central air conditioning systems, mini-split systems don’t have the same “built-in” look. Although they are less obtrusive than window units, some homeowners might want something a little more concealed.

Get the Best Comfort System for Your Home

At Sea Coast Air Conditioning, we want to help you select the best comfort system for your home. Whether you are interested in a mini-split system or a central air conditioning system, we can discuss the benefits of each and help you determine which option is best for your home. Still have questions? Give us a call today to speak with one of our friendly team members or schedule an appointment online.


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