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Help! There is Water Coming Out of My Air Vent!

Water leaking from an AC vent can lead to serious damage in your home. The problem can be frustrating because it’s often difficult to pinpoint the cause. If you discover water coming out of your air vent, do not overlook it. Learn more about why AC vents leak water and what might be causing yours to do so.


First of all, it is important to determine whether your air conditioner is experiencing a real leak or if the water is simply a result of condensation. As you might have guessed, an actual leak in your AC system is a more serious problem. Still, heavy condensation can lead to damage.

Condensation occurs when the surface of your air vent is colder than the dew point temperature of the room, which depends on the amount of moisture in the air. During the hot Florida summer, our AC units work extra hard to combat the humid air, making condensation more common.

Apart from general humidity, condensation can result from various other factors, including cracks in walls and windows that allow outside air in, hot showers and cooking.

While small amounts of condensation are usually not too serious, certain steps can be taken to reduce the occurrence. If you suspect the condensation is a result of cracks and openings in your home, a tube of sealant could be your solution. Making sure your attic is properly ventilated and your air ducts are well insulated will also help reduce condensation. Routine cleaning and maintenance performed by a professional AC technician will also help.

Drain Line Issues

If there is a significant amount of water coming from your air vent, indicating the problem may be more serious than condensation, your drain line might be the issue.

The drain line is where excess water exits your air handler. If it becomes clogged or disconnected, your system’s drain pan may overflow and water may begin leaking from your vent instead of the line. Clogged drain lines are very common and can result from dirt, debris, rust, algae and other factors.

If your AC unit was not installed properly or has not been serviced recently, your drain line could become loose or disconnected. Fortunately, leaks resulting from drain line issues are usually quick fixes for professional AC technicians.

Condensate Pump Issues

Your condensate pump could also be a source of leaking water if it is not working properly. Since a condensate pump is constantly exposed to moisture, it can potentially become a breeding ground for mold and mildew, which can build up and clog the pump. If not repaired, a clogged condensate pump can lead to flooding in your home.

A Professional AC Technician Can Solve your Leak!

These are just a few of the reasons your air conditioner may be leaking water. If you are experiencing a leak coming from your AC vent, contact Sea Coast Air Conditioning today! Our experienced technicians will diagnose and repair your leak to protect your home from damage.

Even if the leak is simply a result of humidity, an AC technician can perform routine maintenance and cleaning and to reduce the occurrence of condensation. Call now to schedule an appointment!

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