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Get Your AC Summer Ready

Summer is just around the corner, and everyone is already looking forward to vacations, backyard gatherings and lazy days by the pool. However, there is one thing that no homeowner enjoys about summertime: crazy high electricity bills.

If you’re looking to stay cool without going broke this summer, you need to make sure your AC is ready. Follow these easy tips for preparing your air conditioner for the heat wave ahead.

Do Some Landscaping

When there is debris around your air conditioner, it obstructs the flow of air into your condenser unit. So while all those bushes you planted may do a great job of hiding your unsightly AC, it is also blocking air. This means your AC must work harder to cool your home.

To protect your air conditioner, make sure that there is nothing within a two feet radius of your condenser unit. Also, clean out any grass, sticks or leaves that may have gotten inside your unit.

Change Your Air Filter

Our air filters protect our home from outdoor contaminants and allergens. Without them, our air would be polluted and our home’s would be dusty.

At no time is the filter more important than in the summer! When your filter is clogged, it becomes harder and harder for air to pass. This makes it more difficult for air to reach your home, causing your AC to work harder.

If you want to save money and stay comfortable, then make cooling your home as easy as possible for you AC. Change your filters at least once a month, but especially during the summer months.

Get Your Air Conditioner Tuned Up

AC maintenance is the best way to prepare your air conditioner for summer. During an AC tuneup, a professional AC technician will clean and inspect your entire system to make sure it is ready for the high demands of summer. Just some of the benefits of having AC maintenance include:

– Improved home comfort

– Fewer system breakdowns

– Improved indoor air quality

– Lower electricity bills

– Longer system life

Is Your Air Conditioner Ready?

The last thing any homeowner wants is to be stuck with a broken AC in the dead of summer. Make sure that your air conditioner is ready for the summer and call Sea Coast Air Conditioning today. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your entire system and get it ready for the Florida heat. This summer, don’t roast… call Sea Coast!


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