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Winter Habits for a Healthy AC System

Your air conditioning unit needs year-round maintenance to keep it functioning smoothly and efficiently. While some tasks need the services of an HVAC professional, there are many things that you can do on your own to prolong your HVAC system’s life. Although cold weather and freezing temperatures are rare in Florida, there are some maintenance tasks you can do to prevent damage that cold fronts can cause. Here are some expert tips to preserve your HVAC during winter.

Turn Off the Power

When the weather is cold enough, turn off the power to your HVAC unit. The exterior power circuit is housed in a small box mounted on the side of your home. Just lift the plastic or metal cover and you will find the switch. After flipping the switch to an off position, close the lid. Turning off the power of your AC helps to prevent the risk of electrocution while performing maintenance tasks.

Clean the AC

Sweep off twigs, leaves, and other debris on and surrounding the AC using a broom. Then use a hose to wash off dust, dirt, and bird droppings. After cleaning it, allow the unit to dry. Cleaning the unit prevents it from clogging and breaking down the next time you use it.

Inspect the AC

Look for rust, cracks, leaks, or any other irregularities in the casing. Ensure the seals hold tight and are not cracked. These issues may seem benign, but they may cause major problems in the future.

Cover the AC Unit

For really unusual freezing temps this winter, place a waterproof plastic or vinyl cover over your AC to insulate it. This prevents cracking and protects it from the elements and debris. You can often find special AC covers at your local home improvement store.

Find an HVAC Contractor

If you find any anomalies in your AC unit during the inspection, contact us at Sea Coast Air Conditioning. We have the necessary expertise to deal with any HVAC systems issues that you might encounter. Call us today or schedule a maintenance appointment online.

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