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How to Prevent Dirty Sock Syndrome

Dirty sock syndrome can be one of the more bothersome HVAC problems to have, and if you have noticed signs of this in your home you may be wondering what steps you can take to eliminate the issue. With dirty sock syndrome, the smell of stinky laundry can permeate throughout your home when your HVAC system is running, creating a very unpleasant smell. Fortunately, preventing dirty sock syndrome is easier than you may think. Continue reading to learn preventative tips and tricks.

Understanding the Cause of Dirty Sock Syndrome

In order to prevent dirty sock syndrome in your home, it’s necessary to understand what may cause it. The odor that you smell with dirty sock syndrome is caused by particulates that settle on the evaporator coil. Specifically, mold and bacteria can find their way to this dark and often moist area, and they can grow and thrive here.

Preventing the Bad Smell

Because the odor is caused by a dirty evaporator coil, preventing the bad smell associated with dirty sock syndrome is as easy as regularly cleaning the evaporator coil. However, most homeowners will not want to complete this process on their own, and a better idea is to allow a skilled, well-trained professional to get the job done for you. During your annual HVAC maintenance service, the coils can be cleaned by a technician.

When You Already Have Dirty Sock Syndrome

While preventing the syndrome can seem easy, many people who already have this issue and might wonder what it will take for their home to smell pleasant again. In most cases, simply cleaning the evaporator coil during a maintenance appointment will clear the air within several days.

Contact Sea Coast Air Conditioning for Preventative Maintenance

Sea Coast Air Conditioning can help you prevent or eliminate dirty sock syndrome with professional maintenance service on your home’s heating and cooling system. Schedule service for your HVAC unit by calling the office today.

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